Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Red Date Tea Pregnant How Can I Get My OB-GYN To Induce Before 41 Weeks?

How Can I Get My OB-GYN To Induce Before 41 Weeks? - red date tea pregnant

I am now 38.2 weeks pregnant. My deadline is 2 July.
I have tried to talk to my gyn-about 39 weeks whether to hire me because ...
1. I am going completely unhappy with back pain at any time or to sit, could not sleep, took her heart scanning during sleep, and I'm all alone irratible.
2. I finished) chemotherapy in July 2007 (two months before becoming pregnant and had a clean animal, but had symptoms of reccurance (Hodgkin's lymphoma). My oncologist referred me to a PET scan 5th July. Refuses, however, if my I-gyn to take 39 weeks, so that could be checked, and stressed that the actual program.
I was dilated 2 cm at 37 weeks already. I have my mucous plug at 36.5 weeks, and I get on my own at the time of PET continuesNE.
I tried to drink Red Rasp. Leaf tea taken twice a castor oil three times and have the recording of 1000 mg. The evening primrose oil capsules vaginally and 37 weeks ... nothing works!

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