Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home Made Aluminun Boats How To Make Home Made Air Freashener?

How to make home made air freashener? - home made aluminun boats

I have new things in myy room and I smell good I see from freashaner home?


Irwin Fletcher said...

Open windows and doors throughout the house for a few hours!

Mix 1 / 4 cup baking soda with water in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray. Soda takes odors. You can also use a little scent, if desired. (Vanilla extract)

Spray undiluted white vinegar in the air. The vinegar smell evaporates very quickly away at the smell.

* Place one cup of vinegar on the counter and let stand for several hours.

Fill a shaker of Parmesan and baking powder. (I like to spray them with some of my favorite Cologne.) Sprinkle on the carpet and leave for as long as possible (overnight is better). Empty. I want to add table salt, baking soda, but not necessary. The salt absorbs moisture and acts as an abrasive. It really makes the carpet look better than the vacuum cleaner without them.

Febreze home:
Use your favorite fabric softener. Insert two full caps in a spray bottle and water to fill. Then spray away. You choose the scent, so you know that you like. It's cheap and goes a long way. Works like a charm! YouYou can even spray on furniture, fabrics, like Febreze!

cold_fea... said...

Peel of citrus fruit Freshers good air. Popuri Potpouri whatever. The chips made of cedar or pine chips, sprinkled with fresh vanilla and some aromatic oils and citrus peel.

alexwrig... said...

r of the absorption zone
Devices are located). It is positioned in this way to
Make sure that the scent hung in the hall.

chittyba... said...

Baking! At its ... Room!

Why not just a deodorant that you bought?

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