Friday, February 19, 2010

Jt Tac-5 Manual Tac 5 Recon Paintball Gun Won't Reocock. How Do You Fix It?

Tac 5 Recon Paintball gun won't reocock. How do you fix it? - jt tac-5 manual

Help please anyone
I am very close to release at my JT TAC 5 Recon paintball gun into the trash. It gives me a headache, but I like this weapon. Now the gun shoots well, but not after each, two or three shots back.
It's like shooting, and then click (I have to manually reset), shots, hits (reock handbook), injections, immunizations, injections, and clicks (manual reset) shots, hits (reock Guide), the shooting, and then click (reock manual) very boring
It's annoying that all reset the time, especially if the goal must be to a target and manually reset and refocus, loss of which I had before. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please, please let me know. Many people say the gun sucks TAC 5First, he must have a place to get 98 Custom, but I think the TAC 5 is very accurate. The armament is the problem I have a real problem.
I thank you and hope someone can help me.


Scamp said...

Accuracy has little to do with the marker.

The remains provide particularly good and a lot of paintball paintball barrels, which could easily blow the paintball gun, but not, or stuck.

TAC 5 Recon is famous for breaking his PowerTube.

You sound like a PowerTube cracking and / or hammer bad O-ring. Disasssemble examine and oil all O-rings. Even a few drops of oil into the ASA (where the screw in the tank) and dry fire a few shots without the weapon.

I would suggest, a 98C or A5.

Personally, I still use my 98C as my primary. I bought it in 2001 and had the oil, replace the O-rings a few times a hammer and hammer spring. Not bad, taking into account what youlived (the extreme conditions) have not survived, was and is used for 7 years and growing use, and fired more than 350,000 paintballs.

It could also be lower Co2/HPA weapons (did not) the full pressure.

Matt said...

the problem is probably the source of origin is stopped and U need a new UR 1 or the type of airgun wonr Uruguay Round and that work 2 try to lubricate all parts of the weapon you need, and whether to throw the work ur gun and buy A5 Flatline barrel and release the unbundled local loop is the same as 5 UR ACC TAC

Mr. Charles said...

86 JT TAC 5 Recon and replace it with a Tippmann 98 Custom or A-5.

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