Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How To Connect External Hard Drive To Car Stereo Can I Connect My External Hard DRive To My Car Stereo?

Can i Connect my External Hard DRive to my car stereo? - how to connect external hard drive to car stereo

Is there a way I drive my car together (if you use USB) Soi I play my music in the car


rich said...

Check the notes on the main unit. It should work well, but Pioneer, for example, has a limit on the size of the hard drive to be recognized. You can see more than 250 GB hard drive. You must also ensure that the folder structure is easy to navigate and very easy to see that you have a lot of research. Try something like genre, then artist, then a folder for each letter, a record for the artist in their midst. This should make it relatively easy to get what you want, when you surf.

desert camel said...

Yes, I am with my .... Search eBay''IDE or SATA to USB drive USB''dependiendo ..
driving his power that is a bit awkward .. Ive INCAR a PC, then from there run

Alpha Audio said...

If the drive has a USB port, of course! Lol cheap MP3 player

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