Thursday, February 4, 2010

Non Cheesy Life Quotes Non Cheesy Quotes About Life Or Love Or Anything :P?

Non cheesy quotes about life or love or anything :P? - non cheesy life quotes

Myspace icons, which I do because I can not find good in other locations.
Ideas anyone?


»☮♥MJfor... said...

Love is like looking for a taxi in New York.
It is simply impossible, but once found,
You get a great sense of success.
Sorry, it's a bit corny. haha

Emma said...

Well, it's a little Cheezy but I love it anyway.

If you love someone, you use your name in a circle, because it can break your heart, but the media will never cease.

Liberty said...

This can only suffer more, you become. And - and this will pass.

jas29bd said...

Love is like an exploding cigar enjoyment.

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