Saturday, February 13, 2010

Capsules In Hand Luggage Can I Take Teeth Whitening Capsules Through Hand Luggage At Airport?

Can I take teeth whitening capsules through hand luggage at airport? - capsules in hand luggage

Hello. I have no baggage, you can warn. However, in hand luggage have to give me with my dental treatment to which I am, this is a small clip and teeth whitening capsule clear. (which are like !)..... cynaide But I want to continue with the treament and can not break through this front, by the treatment in a few weeks. Each proposal, not how you make me airporrt security after X-rays? You can use a cut that check, but not all. I do not usually travel by plane! ~ Thank you, and I need the answer tomorrow morning!


Anonymous said...

You should be able to pass through security checks at the airport well, if something such as knives, razor blades or sharp that a weapon could be considered. As for your tooth whitening capsules can, you should check, but only to explain what they are, and it should go:) I would check to see if it only for the safe side.

Change to another poster ~ Your luggage must be adapted to fit in compartment above, and if they do, then you must check luggage, and you need to after landing at the destination:)

Anonymous said...

You can use the line from the airport, please call or check the airport and ask and explain. Instead of guessing
BTW in going on a trip soon. How big can a general comparment ur ur pocket?

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