Monday, February 8, 2010

How Do A Virgin Look Does A Virgin Womb Look Different To The Womb Of A Married Woman?

Does a virgin womb look different to the womb of a married woman? - how do a virgin look

No, the only difference between a physical virgin is not the absence of a hymen, but many girls have lost for the first time having sex anyway.
The pass is about a woman who had a child before him, not different, but be empty in connection with pregnancy, SOT, etc.


Heather N said...

Changes occur when you have children

this_cou... said...

No, I think the only difference between children or without.

Pauline said...

Déjà vu?

xbxbecky... said...

The matrix does not change, nothing really changed. Perhaps your hymen is broken, if not already done so, but that's all.

phantoml... said...

Marriage is irrelevant to what she looks like a uterus. A cervix of a woman who has never been a baby has a different face of a woman who have a child and had to pass through the cervical canal. The opening of the cervix is easily the appearance of a child by changing the stretching of the muscles.
A miscarriage, whichever occurred earlier or later, like during pregnancy, is not likely to alter the opening to the cervix.

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