Sunday, February 14, 2010

Do You Feel Nauseous When Your Hungry Why Do You Feel More Nauseous When Your Hungry During Pregnancy?

Why do you feel more nauseous when your hungry during pregnancy? - do you feel nauseous when your hungry

I am 8 weeks pregnant and feel constantly hungry, but I find it difficult to stomach the food lived, and I in yoghurt, cream and toast for weeks, the thought of eating a good thing that makes me sick, I don 't have any morning nausea, I feel sick all day, how long before your appetite returns to normal?


jessica said...

I think it's because you have more acid in the stomach during pregnancy ...
Make sure you eat small meals and 6.8 cases per day.
Also helping Ginger Ale and Sprite can ...
When I had gum disease very strong control mint morning helped a lot.
And remember that if you have a yearning for something that generally to be in a position to have to keep it.
Your appetite will likely return to normal over 12 weeks.

movingup... said...

Ugh, I can not experience nausea for 3 months! :) I hope you'll like it, but it's different for everybody. My first quarter has been a constant state of nausea and not just weight gain at all, but my appetite returned with a vengeance in the second quarter. Watch out! ) Now I'm in my third quarter, I discovered that my appetite is much less, or at least more "normal".

believer... said...

how u. ... I had terrible morning (more like every day) sickness and tell you wat does it work?

Tamarind Soury his things / super bitter, you can buy at the corner shop for 39p. Try it - the wonderful works and let me ....! Gagging sensation

I know I am answering a bit naughty, but my voice is best if it for you! all those who believe it is better doown xxxx for 3 months until he died!

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lilpoonu... said...

Well ... I am 16 weeks and eat constantly, so that we do not feel sick. When he 8 weeks I could not keep anything except liquids and some fruits.

Sarah H said...

I've never lost my appetite, in fact, I eat nothing else to feel ill. This lasted until 11 -12 weeks when I began to feel a little better

Charlotte W said...

it sucks NOT

I like most of my trip, when iron levels decreased

Go to the doctor or midwife about acid, and it could jeopardize the ABS or iron to drive u up abit say


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