Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby Cold Treatment Bulb Syringe My Baby Is 13 Months Old And Has A Cold Sore In Her Mouth. What Is The Best Treatment For This.?

My baby is 13 months old and has a cold sore in her mouth. What is the best treatment for this.? - baby cold treatment bulb syringe

My niece was even a little more than a year. My sister called the doctor and told him to go to the dentist. The dentist said it was a "hand-of-mouth disease. It is used by children putting their hands in their mouths and hands caused by bacteria on them. He did not tell my sister to food and acidic beverages, keep giving Wash your hands and wait. There was really nothing else to do. It took a few days to go. Poor baby though. It could be called a counter to rinse Peridex are the wounds. It is for the palate and mouth ulcers in not swallow patients with dental problems with equipment and patients with ulcers in the mouth of the keys. Peridex. So I say to the swabbing of wounds on the baby. It tastes like black licorice, so I, the baby is doing well with the taste of hope. I worked for an orthodontist for everything I Peridex on, but you should always consult your doctor or dentist before taking any advice from strangers on the Internet.


Rainbow_... said...

A visit to the doctor.

pinklmns... said...

Alum is a spice and as always, $ 1.00 to hurt the child, as some medications. Pain heals in about 2 days. Try it out. Alum is in grocery stores. I, you better hope soon. Send my love.

ghkat said...

Orajel ... but make sure your doctor and with the Uruguay Round. or try a local Babies "R" Us and see what they say and

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