Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Flaky Dark Spots On Dogs Skin My Dog Has A Dark Spot On His Skin That Is Flaky?

My dog has a dark spot on his skin that is flaky? - flaky dark spots on dogs skin

My 1-year-old German Shepherd / Chow / Lab mix has a few dark spots where your hand in your skin. When I try to go, of course, hurts, because to bite them. When I draw is all that puff before it in one place, but now back in his 3 points. My friends told me it could be ringworm, or because my dog bit different from playing and skin. Once I had enough material there scaly, which had dried blood under her, I can not let him to the vet now, but I'll take it tomorrow. This skin problem is something that needs to make really worried?


Shenlong The God Dragon said...

Give him a bath seen, and then, if there is, could the film ... If it is greater to get a veterinarian.

N_UrDrea... said...

Sounds like a bacterial infection

Mama Mia said...

Your dog can be called a state of the skin have Mange. Scabies is easily treated, but veterans will tell you to buy some cream or ointment, very costly. But that's what you do to the scabies.
Go to a garage or car in the garage and ask them a little engine oil in an old box or a glass or bottle, give whatever. Then use the oil left in the old places, and, until your dog needs a bath, then completely go again to the point. It works!
This is the best treatment ever, even if it had healed cheaper ever heard in your life! It is time to resolve an old.

Todd V said...

Neospora try a little, and share what does not hurt, I have three boxers and Ruff is how to play, which helps us to

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