Friday, February 12, 2010

Hold Can You Get Lead Poisioning How, Exactly, Does A Show Dog Handler Hold The Lead?

How, exactly, does a show dog handler hold the lead? - hold can you get lead poisioning

Are there rules on the conclusion of the initiative in the ring? (I want not to lose or too tight.) I know that the driver has in his left hand, but how? It is wrapped around the hand? Should it be invisible in your hand? It is part of the hand or finger in most people as part of the celebration of the initiative, control the dog?
Or is all this does not really matter?
Thank you for your help in advance.


SG Brittanys said...

I learned to slip my mother - as a rule, the loop around the tip of a finger (I use the middle or ring) and the nature of the group head on his hand - so high, low, high whisper, not together into a ball grouped. So, if you run more to bring your dog is your transportation, you can open a small hand and let down a little. If the battery of your dog, usually the head tie behind the neck so that your dog on the street.
It's kind of learned something - each has his own way to celebrate the initiative. I met my mother, our family friend of another driver learned and taught, and ... and yet we all have different ways of doing this. I believe there are no rules, want above all, but simply (nothing pink or something PURPLE: P) does not interfere with the vision of your dog to the judge. You can try to look in your driveway or someone a little practice, and to say whether the way the rule of direction is more professional. You can also see a program or a dog and to keep the pilot for the progress.
Good luck!

DogAddic... said...

Lead enters the ball with his hand. You do not want the strap around your hand and give it more difficult for the dog's head and take the extra time to develop, if you need Dog naked or doing something else. The reason the ball in his hand straps, how to beat the dog leash is in motion.

bigmama3... said...

The grip of the hand / belt loop is around the fingers and palm of the hand, arm bent at an angle of 45 with a half-pull set, on foot and if you and your dog will hold down a supermodel constantly in mind both the public and his dog (especially publicly)

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