Monday, January 18, 2010

It Figures Swimwear More Conservative Swimwear?

More conservative swimwear? - it figures swimwear

I am nineteen years old and people say I have a good figure, but I'm very shy when it show comes skin. But I love swimming in the water, but I have a big problem when it comes to swimwear. I can not find anything small enough for me. Are there shops that sell such as shorts for girls and maybe a shirt / jacket Anything from the same material, a swimsuit made? Have this information really help me a lot because they are not my shyness to descend on the way into the water, thank you.


Katie J said...

Try to talk to. Go with a tankini top with boy shorts. Very affordable, very nice things.

Sporty babe said...


freestyl... said...

If you love it in the water that much .. make a good game in one piece .. probably Speedo or Tyr and .. takes a long time ... describes the curves of Ur, in a modest and sober .. to other swimsuits .. Comparison.

or try

Wayne said...

Hello Kelly.
Speedo Conservative your needs. They have all types of coverage options and materials. If u have a good figure, you need not fear, at 1 piece.I prefer to show a girl on a piece of 1, with additional material from the skin.


Erin C said...

Check They have the largest selection of swimwear for every body type - I am sure that you get what you want. Good luck!

tropit said...

You can use a tankini and good. Some other options would be a fashionable cut a piece of a bathing suit top or rash guard with a child near the bottom. Girls love surfing rash guards, because they can surf and swim freely without worrying about things that have been released and are super nice. I even saw some semi-sexy net, the sides were ... Love!

We do not sell in our stores, I do not (), but try to open a surf shop, or website. Becker Surf immediately comes to mind.

Good luck finding a bathing suit and the right to go out and have fun in the sun!


SusiQ said...

WOW Eric C. .. This page has many different styles! Yes ... You are sure to find something.
Good luck with your search!

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