Thursday, January 28, 2010

Diesel Pump Lock Will A 4L80E Transmission From A 95 Chevy, 6.5 Diesel Pickup Match Up To A 350 Gas Engine?

Will a 4L80E transmission from a 95 Chevy, 6.5 diesel pickup match up to a 350 gas engine? - diesel pump lock

The 6.5 is locked and not very good to begin with. A 350 would be cheaper for everyone. 'm able to switch from diesel to gas pump with new fuel, etc.


boogie_4... said...

The trans is computer controlled (shift points, firmness, etc..) You do not have the engine of a '92 TBI-95 3-4 or 1-ton truck and get the use of "team go with it. Then can lead the team the transaction of gas. You also need the torque converter unit of gas instead of diesel.


get any search engine of your choice, then use a separate controller for trans-European networks. They cost about $ 600 + for the driver. We do not even stop at the torque converter.

You could run diesel-CT, but they can not take full advantage of their potential.

Rod Knocker said...

He turned, but a transfer of diesel fuel is different from a gas transport. Diesel previous change shape and not to 3500 rpm max. If yo u do engine swaps, you need a new valve body in the transmission.
I have a 700R4 in a 1935 Ford truck. Never shifts to the right, if I manually. Still stuck. I could understand was the transfer to 5 different stores and nobody. After 6 years, I told one of his friends and made me carry his tent. He changed the valve body (it was a trans-diesel and I do not know when I bought it in an automatic exchange) a corvette valve body, which leads to large trucks.

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