Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gum Infections More Condition_symptoms Is There A More Effective Antibiotic For A Cat Gum Infection Than Clindamycin?

Is there a more effective antibiotic for a cat gum infection than clindamycin? - gum infections more condition_symptoms

My Cat leukemia 13 years has an infection of the gums and is in the clindamycin and it seems to be improving. Is there something better.

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Anonymous said...

Clindamyacin was prescribed for me to resolve a case of Thrush after using the steroid inhaler (qvar) for the treatment of asthma. It may not be an appropriate antibiotic if your cat does not need a job to check with your veterinarian and see if there is more. I hope so, I have 2 cats and I would be crushed if the doctor gave me the wrong medicine for her, that the work is not fast.

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