Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Supplemental Short Term Disability Insurance Can You Buy Supplemental Short Term Disability Covereage For Maternity Leave?

Can you buy supplemental Short Term Disability covereage for maternity leave? - supplemental short term disability insurance

I am not pregnant, but still try to prepare as much as possible, because my husband and I discussed having a child in the future. My company automatically signs me short-term disability, which pays 80% of my weekly salary per week for 6 weeks. Can I cover the additional short-term disability of another company, I have to ensure that in addition to the work that is funded through maternity leave, get it? If so, that the insurance companies?
As I said earlier, we will save them yet - and I'm not prega so that any waiting period of 10-12 months would be no problem.
Thank you!

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