Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Scoliosis More Condition_symptoms Why Scoliosis Are More Common In Teenage Girls?

Why scoliosis are more common in teenage girls? - scoliosis more condition_symptoms

Idiopathic (auto source, it occurs without known cause) scoliosis in adolescents is the most common form. Some patients may, under the curvature of the spine. Most cases occur in girls. Curves generally worsen during growth. Scoliosis in infants and young children are less common and usually affects children. (MedlinePlus)
Scoliosis is most often diagnosed in women and is often seen in patients with cerebral palsy or spina bifida, although this form of scoliosis is that of children from different without these conditions. (Wikipedia)
Boys and girls are equally affected, but is 10 times more likely to progress and require treatment in girls. (Merck)
Scoliosis is hereditary, but doctors often do not know the cause. More girls than boys have severe scoliosis. (MayoClinic)
In April 2007, researchers at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children identified the first gene associated with idiopathic scoliosis, CHD7. Medical progress is the result of a study of 10 years and is described in May 2007 by the American Journal of Human Genetics.


JP said...

I think (and say) that the incidence is higher among girls than boys at this age, I suspect that hormonal changes are responsible. Perhaps estrogen levels that occur during puberty, and the effect of this hormone on bone deposition.

♥ shaRp.heaRt ♥ said...

This is because during puberty, changes in the body of a teenager quickly in a small amount of time. The spine can grow faster than can follow the rest of the body, so there is no place for them in the body and thus the curves.

007#2 said...

I do not know, but I and the girl sitting next to me in English what is, and I think it takes longer to foster in children - as if I had the "operation at the hospital had a child and her twin sister has the 2 years of operation before him. The definetley more common in girls, although I know that 2 of my friends. you what has happened in your genes - maybe more opportunities for girls. I've no idea what my doctor told me I will be none. And this happens in adolescence, when you grow, and the acceleration of growth (if it more and sensitive), but you can be born with a curve.

Jake said...

My sister, her and I think that only the construction of their bodies. That's my theory with quote me or anything.

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